Know Your Blood Pressure Day


Know Your Blood Pressure

The Rotary Club of Wokingham Recently partnered with The Stroke Association to provide almost 100 people with readings of their blood pressure, you can see the results below which include some interventions which may well have proven life changing... 

You can see more from The Stroke Association Here

I am pleased to say that we took 85 blood pressures in total between 10.00-14.00. 

- 46 needed no further action with a BP below 140
- 36 needed a routing follow up with their GP with a BP between 140 - 179
- 2 people had a BP of 180 and 1 person 189, they were advised to see their GP within a week as an urgent follow up

Thank you to all your fellow Rotarian for ushering people in and filling in the BP forms and to Mayor Gwynneth Hewetson and her husband who started the event off. ( Gwynneth, I loved the cuddles with your dog, he can come again).

I have attached the best of the pictures I have. Please be so kind and let me have any pictures you might get passed on.

Kind regards - Peggy